Fundraising News: February 2018

Boxes of medical equipment say "Israelis don't stand Idle" in Hebrew, English, and Arabic
IsraelGrants helps Global Gateway Network and Hands of Hope Northwest get Medical Supplies to Hospitals in Southern Syria
25 בFebruary 2018
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6 בMarch 2018
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Fundraising News: February 2018

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(Left to Right) David Maeir-Epstein, Micah Smith, Nancy Smith

IsraelGrants helps Global Gateway Network and Hands of Hope Northwest Partner get Medical Supplies to Hospitals in Southern Syria

IsraelGrants Abroad

Our CEO, David Maeir Epstein has just returned from visiting London where he met with several prospective donors and foundation trustees in order to create new relationships for our clients. 
For Israeli organizations, many opportunities for funding exist outside of Israel. Whether the prospects are foundations, corporations, or private donors, fundraising requires making a personal connection. This is a service we offer in order to enable our clients to expand their network of Friends and funding prospects without the pressures and expenses of traveling abroad themselves.

Spotlight: Grants received by 
IsraelGrants clients

Below are some of the many organizations assisted by IsraelGrants which have received grants in the past several months. IsraelGrants staff are proud to represent these and other clients in raising money for many worthy projects. Contact to discuss how we can assist your NPO too.



Nitzanim: Jewish Israeli Identity and Zionism

Nitzanim has been awarded a three-year grant of $240,000 by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles! The funds will enable Nitzanim to open new community initiatives which will promote Jewish cultural and pluralistic religious experiential programming in five new locations – City of Beer Sheva, regional councils of Even Yehuda, Emek Hama’ayanot, Ma’ale Yosef, and Hof Hasharon.

Hebrew University Faculty of Law

The Hebrew University Faculty of Law was awarded 100,000 NIS from the State Bequests, which will go towards the expansion and rennovation of the Law Library.

Gesher El HaNoar

Congratulations to Gesher El HaNoar upon receiving a $15,000 grant from the Kathryn Ames Foundation for its Educational Excellence Program


We are thrilled to announce that with our assistance, Temech has been approved a grant of $20,000 by the Shirley and William Fleischer Family Foundation for employer based training for Ultra-Orthodox women! The course is held fully or partially on the prospective employers premises, and graduates of the course are guaranteed jobs.

Grantwriting & Fundraising Course

Learn about how to approach foundations in Israel and worldwide, crowdfunding, parlor meetings, and more.

Read about our courses on our website.

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New Clients

IsraelGrants is pleased to welcome new clients. Contact us to discuss how we can advance your nonprofit too.

MEET: The Middle Eastern Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

MEET is a three-year educational program for bright and promising Israeli and Palestinian youth (ages 14-17). In Partnership with MIT since 2004, MEET educates and empowers these students, teaching them computer science (CS), entrepreneurship, leadership skills, and, most importantly, how to solve hard problems working together from an early age. Each year, more than 200 students participate in the MEET program, demonstrating to their families and communities that bi-national work is of value and that there is a partner for peace on the other side. Our alumni program offers our growing base of over 380 graduates continued opportunities for engagement and for personal and professional development.


ZAKA is Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization, with thousands of volunteers on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack, accident or disaster. ZAKA volunteers also work in specialist search and rescue units on land and sea and the UN-recognized ZAKA International Rescue Unit operates at mass casualty incidents around the world.

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Liora Halevi
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