Online Fundraising


Your website is your online connection to current and future donors. We can help you to design or upgrade it such that it will be a dynamic and interactive site, with updated quality content essential to let donors and potential donors see the work you do.

Most websites are there for the purposes of PR and information. We will work with you to include elements that will encourage donors to reach into their pockets, and simplify the fundraising process for your organization.


Reaching out to donors through a monthly e-newsletter is an excellent and inexpensive way to keep them updated and convince them to continue to support you. This is a fast and inexpensive way to raise funds as well as to publicize your work to thousands of supporters at one time. We can help you to build your email base, and to create vivid, informative and moving e-newsletters which will stir your friends to action.

Social Networking:

Social networking sites are the ideal vehicles for "friend-raising" and fundraising. We can help your organization set up new pages and use this free and easy method to bring in supporters and donors for your cause. We will help you create and moderate your accounts, link you to traffic-generating pages and promote your latest campaigns in real time.


If your organization has an email distribution list of at least 5,000 names, crowdfunding is a highly recommended source for fundraising and for building up your virtual community of friends and supporters.
Contact us to receive a referral to the best crowdfunding platform available to non-profits. 

GoogleAd Grant for Nonprofits:

If you do not have 5,000+ email addresses in your distribution list, we can help you obtain a GoogleAd grant that is worth $10,000 per month of Google Ad credit. Once you have been approved for the GoogleAd Grant, get help in choosing the best keywords, writing engaging site descriptions, optimizing landing pages, and increasing traffic through your website. This can lead to a dramatic increase in visits to your website, program registration, and donation levels. Increase your email distribution list to the level required to be able to take advantage of the fundraising potential in crowdfunding. 

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