Grant Writing – Proposals and Letters of Inquiry

Writing a Professional Grant Proposal for Submission to Foundations and Government Funding Bodies

One of the first steps in approaching a foundation is to prepare and submit a written full proposal or a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) which details your project. In some cases, this document is the only contact that you will have with a foundation. The proposal's language, content, and style must meet the highest professional levels. Every year, a foundation might receive hundreds more proposals than it can fund, and it will reject those lacking any required information, sufficient detail, or other required key elements. 

Two alternatives as to how your project proposal can be written up:

A writer from our office will take material on your organization and project (both written and oral) and prepare a professionally written proposal and/or LOI. This document can then be submitted to foundations. This service requires between 20 – 25 hours of work from our office.

If you have a bilingual staff member or volunteer who is a skilled writer with a high level of written English, we can guide that person on how to write a proposal or LOI. This service requires between 10 – 15 hours of work from our office.


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