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Foundation Search


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Detailed Search for Foundations and other Funding Prospects

You have an idea for a wonderful project that will benefit your nonprofit’s target population. You have your Board's approval to carry out the project, and you know that you have the capability to make it a success as soon you can raise the money to pay for it. To make your vision a reality, you will need to raise the additional funds needed to pay for the many additional expenses.

IsraelGrants staff will search through thousands of foundations, corporate sponsors, municipality, and government grant opportunities, finding the top 70-90 foundations that match your development needs.

For each funding prospect you will receive:

  • Names of relevant foundations in order of priority

  • Deadlines and limitations

  • Contact information

  • Details of current giving interests

  • Sample projects that they have supported in the past

  • Application guidelines

  • Names of Trustees and Directors

  • Names of the main contact and/or foundation’s representative in Israel

A foundation search will open for your organization hundreds of new avenues and possibilities, providing untold benefits and opportunities.

There are five stages to conducting a foundation search with IsraelGrants:

Stage one: Conduct a brainstorming session with your development and programming staff, and think of at least six potential projects that would attract funding. Your nonprofit might need to renovate a room or building, buy new equipment, or establish a new program. Try to include both large and small budget projects.

Stage two: Once you've drawn up your list of projects, we will then help you to decide which projects have the best chance of attracting the attention of funding prospects, both in Israel and abroad. Determining factors may include the type of impact your project will make as well as the specific areas and populations it serves. Foundations are often interested in new and unique ideas.

Stage three: Write a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Most foundations usually request to see a 2-3 page LOI before inviting you to send a full proposal or application. In addition to saving time for the program officer and grantwriter, an LOI helps you focus and clarify your fundraising goals. Typically an LOI will include a short organizational description, the target population/s, the need for the project, your goals, and your qualifications to achieve those goals, the amount you are requesting, and sometimes a budget. Completing this stage will force you to focus your visions into practical and manageable plans.

Stage four: Once we have agreed on the project’s keywords and target populations, we will start the foundation search, utilizing both our in-house database, collated and developed over many years, as well as our subscription to Foundation Search, an online database providing information about thousands of foundations in the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. and Australia.

Stage five: After completing the search, we can arrange to contact the foundations on your behalf, briefly presenting your project and requesting that we submit an LOI. Should you wish to make use of this service, we will also follow up the LOIs once they've been sent, making sure they've been received and reached the right person. LOIs and proposals often get lost, especially in busy offices, so follow-up is imperative.


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