Grant Writing and Fundraising Course

Do you work in resource development and want to achieve greater fundraising successes?
Want to widen your employment options and use your persuasive writing skills in a new career?

Our Grant Writing and Fundraising Course is for you!

Learn about how to approach foundations in Israel and worldwide, crowdfunding, parlor meetings, and more.

Over 700 people have graduated this course and the evaluation forms they have completed have been universally enthusiastic in terms of the content, methodology and practical utility of the course. 

New Grant Writing Course in Jerusalem in English, winter 2019!

Beginning February 21

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Dates and Location

The course will take place in Jerusalem at the Community Council of Greater Baka,

3 Issachar St., on Thursdays between 5:45 pm and 8:45 pm every other week, beginning

on February 21. It will include 6 sessions of 3 hours each as follows: 21/2, 7/3, 19/3, 28/3, 4/4, 11/4.


Each meeting will be devoted to a different aspect of resource development for nonprofits in Israel. The grant writing aspect of the course will focus on teaching how to write grant proposals, identifying and working with foundations. Participants will produce a professional grant proposal as a result of the course. The fundraising part of the course will teach the practical tools necessary to enhance your knowledge of the field via lectures, discussion and experiential simulation workshops on personal solicitation, planning fundraising events, corporate sponsorships, internet website and crowd-funding.

Upon finishing the course, graduates receive diplomas certifying their participation in the course. Graduates are provided with information about openings in the field of fundraising and grant writing in Israel. Many graduates have subsequently entered the field or advanced their position.Graduates have uniformly indicated that they gained much practical and helpful experiential information and a fair number have gained employment or enhanced their career in part due to the course. 

Target Population

  1. People currently working in the area of resource development who have not had significant formal professional training and who are looking to sharpen skills and gain professional perspectives.

  2. People with writing and computer skills interested in employment in the expanding field of resource development – grant writing and fundraising – for nonprofit organizations in Israel.


Teaching Staff

The course is taught by our managing partners, David Maier-Epstein and Danny Bobman.

David Maeir-Epstein

David has worked in the field of fundraising and grantwriting for over thirty-five years and has served as an independent organizational consultant for hundreds of nonprofit organizations in Israel. In the last decade, David has assisted clients in raising over $20 million. David has also taught Resource Development for Welfare Organizations at Hebrew University's Baerwald School of Social Work.

Danny Bobman

Danny served as the chief fundraiser for Nir Barkat, prior to his election as Jerusalem Mayor, and has raised several million dollars for other Israeli nonprofits. His areas of expertise include the Israeli corporate and hi-tech sector, Israeli foundations and philanthropists, and resource development data management.

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Refund Policy

This course is usually offered twice a year. Missed sessions that have been paid for, can be made up in a future offering of the course

Participation Cancelled

Course Refund

Up to 2 weeks before the course begins


Less than 2 weeks before the course begins


After 1st session


After 2nd session


After 3rd session

No refund

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  • Thank you for your insights, suggestions and expertise. The revised website material is now exciting, informative, with a strong focus on fundraising. I appreciate how quickly you completed the job and your flexible payment terms. When we met I was completely stuck and that's why I suggested working in a "hevruta" style - passing the work back and forth. It turned out that when you forwarded me your great work we decided it was complete. I am really pleased with the final narrative. Thanks again for your professional service.

    D'vora Graisman, Resource Development & Int'l Relations, Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews

  • There are many companies that offer resource development, but IsraelGrants actually produces results.

  • We met our goals and managed to raise over 500,000NIS from new sources of funding.

  • בעזרת Israelgrants גייסנו למעלה מ-650 אלף ש"ח מפדרציות יהודיות בארה"ב עבור קהילות סטודנטים ברחבי הארץ.

    With IsraelGrants's assistance, we raised over 650 thousand shekels from Jewish Federations in North America for communities of Israeli students.