Grants Received

Since 1998, IsraelGrants has helped raise over 24 million dollars in grants for our clients, ranging from $10,000 to $10,000,000. A total of $1,499,040 have been raised in 300 grants under $10,000. Larger grants are listed below.


Panim has been awarded a three-year grant of $190,000 by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. The funds will support the "Movilim" program for leaders of pluralistic Batei Midrash in Israel.






2004$10,000,000MiBereshitTaglit Israel projectThe Pattison Foundatoin
 $1,503,540   Various foundations
2010$560,000Coexistence groupInternational DevelopmentThe United States Agency for International Development
2004$550,000Center for Educational TechnologyLife in the Holy Land: Respecting Differences projectEuropean Union
2007$500,000Kfar Pines Educational InstitutionsKfar Pines campusThe R Foundation
2004$485,000Eilot Regional CouncilManagement of waste and recyclingEuropean Union
2017$423,945Regional Center for the Elderly in AkkoRenovations in one ward with several holocaust survivorsClaims Conference
2007$400,000Kfar Pines Educational InstitutionsDormitory rennovationsMs. Libby Green
2002$360,000Yedidiya CongregationNew buildingPrivate Donors
2004$330,000YachadJewish-Arab journalEuropean Union
2007$320,000Center for Educational TechnologyNachshonStanley Chase Foundatoin
2008$300,000TzoharJewish Values in the Public DomainJFN - Jewish Funders Network
2007$250,000ShalemPolitical Hasbara Project S. Daniels Abraham Foundatoin
2017$240,000NitzanimFive new Community Initiatives for promoting Jewish cultural and pluralistic religious experiential programming  in the City of Beer Sheva, and regional councils of even yehuda, emek hamaayanot, maale yosef, hof hasharon.JCF Los Angeles
2013$238,488Association of Israelis of Central European OriginTheraputic pool for home for the elderly in JerusalemClaims Conference
2016$222,000The Council of MechinotAlumni recruitment program; Integration programs for people with special needsUJA - Jewish Federation of New York
2008$220,000The Luba Salom Jerusalem Clinic for Children's DentistryGeneral support including a preventive educational projectWeinberg Foundation
2012$210,000KesherShemesh projectWeinberg Foundation
2016-2019$200,000The Council of MechinotBeit MidrashesJCF Los Angeles
2016$200,000TemechVocational Training for Haredi women with employment guaranteeJCF Los Angeles
2014$200,000TemechEmployment solutions for Haredi womenJCF Los Angeles
2012$200,000Elijah Interfaith InstituteConstructing a thesis for interreligious research on religious ingenuityJohn Templeton Foundatoin
2007$178,000Na Laga'atEmployment for deaf and mute people in new Jaffa centerBituach Leumi
2013$161,425Association of Israelis of Central European OriginDigitization of the organization's family archivesClaims Conference
2015-2017$160,000LomdaScholarships f professinonal training for Haredi womenRussell Berrie Foundation
2015$150,000National Union of Israeli StudentsLETS program for supporting democratic values and equality among high school studentsUJA - Jewish Federation of New York
1998$150,000Sikkuy - the Association for the Advancement of Civic EqualitySeminars on mutual respectRichard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation
2002$120,000Shvil - Integrative Therapy CenterTransferring the center to Eyn YaelAnonymous British family foundatoin
2001$112,500Yerucham Hesder YeshivaBagrut assistance for Israeli immigrants from EthiopiaJewish Federation of New York
2008$105,000YachadConflict resolution projectYad Hanadiv
1999$105,000Givat Olga Community CenterProject for children of new immigrantsHelen Bader Foundation
1999$102,750Dimona Center for Jewish CultureDimona center for Teacher Training in Jewish SourcesUJA - Jewish Federation of New York
2016$100,000Atid BamidbarProgramming for Russian speakersJCF Los Angeles
2015$100,000Atid BamidbarJewish identity programs with Russian speakers in the NegevJCF Los Angeles
2015$100,000Keren EynorAcademic scholarships for Ethiopian Israelis for higher educationUJA - Jewish Federation of New York
2008$100,000YachadFeminine Horizon projectYad Hanadiv
2008$100,000MetzilaOperational expensesKeshet Foundation
2003$100,000MiBereshitParents and Children Learning Together projectDiamond Foundation of Canada
2004$90,000One FamilyBig brother - big sister for victims of terrorJewish Federation of Philadelphia
2008$88,100Karmei HairSoup kitchens and clothing centersFriendship Foundation
2011$80,000AminadavShachar project: assistance for Haredim to adapt to a mainstream workplaceJewish Federation of New York
2014$75,000Friends of the Botanical GardenA variety of social, cultuarl, and environmental initiativesLeichtag Foundation of San Diego
2006$75,000Rackman Center at Bar Ilan UniversityClinic for legal aid for womenAnonymous
2000$75,000First Home in the HomelandCommunity activistsGoldman Foundation
2016$74,000AnonymousMeeting in One LandJewish Federation of Greater Washington
2016$72,500AnonymousVarious activities for youth and the elderlyFederation of Seattle
2015 - 2017$66,900Atid BamidbarYoung Center projectSobell Foundation
2007$65,000Na Laga'atNa Laga'at center for the blind and deaf in JaffaJoseph and Christina Kasierer Foundatoin
2006$65,000Sderot city and Hesder YeshivaCreating a public gardenShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2015-17$60,000TemechVocational Training for Haredi women with employment guaranteeShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2016$60,000Anonymous Integration programs for people with special needsRodman Foundation
2014$60,000Friends of the Botanical GardenA variety of social, cultuarl, and environmental initiativesLeichtag Foundation of San Diego
2008$60,000Karmei HairSoup kitchens and clothing centersSobell Foundation
2007$60,000Bar Ilan University, Haifa University, Ben Gurion UniversityThe OtherKahanoff Foundatoin
2007$60,000Ayala Center of Bar Ilan UniversityThe OtherFord Foundatoin
2002$60,000Tel Aviv Municipality, Community Resources DepartmentCenter for development of women's leadershipLions of Judah - Los angeles and Israel
2011$56,000Hut HameshulashBayit Cham - housing for girlsThe Maurice Wohl Charitable Trust
2014$52,000LomdaCellphone and computer maintenance lab which serves for vocational training for Haredi men and women.Austrailian Foundation
2016$50,000AnonymousSpecialist Medical CenterCherna Moskowitz Foundation
2015$50,000Atid BamidbarPluralistic Jewish Education - "Gvanim" UJA - Jewish Federation of New York
2014$50,000Karmei HairSupport for hundreds of Holocaust survivors in IsraelFondation Pour Memoire de la Shoah
2014$50,000Friends of the Botanical GardenA variety of social, cultuarl, and environmental initiativesLederman Family
2008$50,000YishaiDiagnostis and support project for children with learning disabilities in elementary schoolAnonymous Foundatoin in New York
2008$50,000EnavTreatment for youth at riskArison Fund
2006$50,000One FamilyBig brother - big sister for victims of terrorShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2004$50,000From Table to TablePurchase of refrigerator truckShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2015$46,200LatetSupport for programs for youth at risk in the areas of social responsibility and leadershipSobell Foundation
2002$41,550Eyn Yael, Wildlife MuseumOne nation - many facesJewish Agency
2003$41,500Ulpan Akiva in NetanyaNear and Far projectBritish Embassy in Israel
2014$40,700Association of Israelis of Central European OriginFinancial aid, welfare and culture programs for Holocaust survivorsHashava
2016$40,000LomdaAcademic preparation programThe D.M. Foundation
2015$40,000LomdaEmployment CenterShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2006$40,000Ayala Center of Bar Ilan UniversityConfronting the Other projectThe US Institute for Peace
2002$40,000Achuzat SaraStart Over project for decreasing violenceGlencore Foundation
2001$40,000Ma'avarimNavigating divorce processes in the Rabbinical courtShoresh Foundation
1999$40,000EnoshInstruction for mixed groups of Israeli and Palestinian mental health workersAm L'Am
2016$39,000AnonymousAlumni ProgramGandyr Foundation
2014$38,300National Union of Israeli StudentsReload - support for living situations for students who promote social and educational initiativesJewish Federation of Detroit, United Jewish Federations of North America
2015$37,000Association of Israelis of Central European OriginSupport for Holocaust survivorsHashava
2009$37,000Hut HameshulashBayit Cham - housing for girlsGlencore Foundation
2016$35,620Anonymousbuilding a foundatoin for resource developmentAvi Chai Foundation
2006$35,000YachadPromotion of Organ Transplants among the Haredi population in collarboration with Haredi Center for Consensual Transplants at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical CenterYad Hanadiv
2018$34,969AnonymousGeneral supportAnonymous
2000$33,330EnoshFamily Support ProjectMatan Fund
2006$33,000Na Laga'atTherapy and preparation for employment for people struggling with Usher SyndromeThe UN Voluntary Fund for Disabilities
2015$32,000Atid BamidbarDocumentation of memories of Holocaust survivors who live in the NegevHashava
2001$32,000Dimona Center for Jewish CultureYad B'yadJewish Agency
2014$31,500Atid BamidbarDocumentation of memories of Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors who live in the NegevHashava
2003$31,000Ma'agalimEducational program for national and military service options for girls in religious high schoolsJAFI
2006$30,000ElulCommunity Learning projectShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2006$30,000Rackman Center at Bar Ilan UniversityFamily Clinic for Support for WomenHadassah Fund
2004$30,000One FamilyBig brother - big sister for victims of terrorSobell Foundation
2003$30,000Am Yisrael EchadStrengthening Jewish identity and unity in schoolsShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2002$30,000Ma'agalimEducational program for national and military service options for boys in religious high schoolsYoreinu
2000$30,000First Home in the HomelandOutreach for Democracy seminars for former Soviet Union immigrantsMoriah Fund
2000$30,000Techno-DAExcel projectAtlas, Gondick and Silverman families
2018$29,448Hebrew University Faculty of LawExpansion and renewal of the libraryState Bequests
1999$29,000Techno-DAComputer programs for parents and childrenYad Hanadiv
2014$28,800Israeli Council of Children of ImmigrantsNight OwlsJoseph and Christina Kasierer Foundatoin
2014$28,800BaTevaIntegration activities for children with sever learning disabilitiesJoseph and Christina Kasierer Foundatoin
2002$26,750Mevaseret Tziyon Education CenterMultimedia and communications project]Jewish Agency
2002$26,750Center for Religious Education in IsraelSummer program and enrichment program for children of new immigrantsJewish Agency For Israel (JAFI)
2006$26,450Na Laga'atCenter for the blind and deafLevi Lassen Foundation
2016$25,000AnonymousZionist HorizonJCF Los Angeles
2015$25,000The Orthodox Scouts of JaffaPurchase of instruments for the interreligious orchestra in JaffaShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2015$25,000National Union of Israeli StudentsReload - support for living situations for students who promote social and educational initiativesAvraham Gertzman Fund of the Jewish Federation of Detroit and Jewish Federations of North America
2014$25,000Israel Association of Ethiopian JewryRenewal of previous grant for improving employment prospects for young Ethiopian IsraelisFriendship Foundation
2009$25,000Steven Spielberg's film archives general supportClaims Conference
2006$25,000Ayala Center of Bar Ilan UniversityConfronting the Other projectBracha Fund
2003$25,000One FamilyBig brother - big sister for victims of terrorYad Avi Hayishuv
2001$25,000Hodiyot - Religious Youth VilliageSummer programJewish Federation of Los Angeles
2001$25,000Hodiyot - Religious Youth VilliageEducational Programs for Youth of Ethiopian OriginGlencore Foundation
2000$25,000Yerucham Hesder YeshivaTraining for Social and Community Leadership in Ethiopian-Origin communities in IsraelMatan Fund
2018$24,945Baka Community CenterGood Neighbors Project - coexistence of Arabs and Jews in the neighborhoods of Abu Tor and Al ThawriUnited States Embassy, United States Consolate, The American Center
2016$24,314Yeshiva UniversityCounterpoint Summer CampJewish Agency For Israel (JAFI)
2000$24,000Techno-DAExcel projectGlencore Foundation
2005$21,740Kibbutz LotanRecycling activitiesState Bequests
2008$21,500YachadFeminine Horizon projectMEPI
2018$20,000Temechemployer based training for haredi womenShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2018$20,000LomdaEmployment opportunities for haredi womenShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2017$20,000Baka Community CenterGood Neighbors Project - coexistence of Arabs and Jews in the neighborhoods of Abu Tor and Al ThawriJCF Southern Arizona, Tucson
2015$20,000LatetProject for the encouragement of women's entrepreneurshipShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2015$20,000KesherParents Building a CommunityBoeing Foundatoin
2014$20,000Jerusalem Symphony OrchestraSoloist or guest conductorThe Estate of Rivka Beilin
2013$20,000LatetLatet Atid - Giving a FutureHadassah Women's Fund
2009$20,000Eyn Yael, Wildlife MuseumYouth at risk projectShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2008$20,000EnavTreatment for youth at riskBetz Foundatoin
2007$20,000David Yellin CollegeWindow of Opportunity ProjectAnonymous Foundatoin in New York
2007$20,000Na Laga'atIn the CenterAnonymous Foundatoin in New York
2006$20,000Kibbutz LotanEnvironmental education programFoundation of the Kibbutz Representatives in England
2005$20,000YachadPublic campaign for legislation of a historical sabbathShoresh Foundation
2005$20,000Na Laga'atProfessional theater and acting employment for blind and deaf people Aaron and Cecile Goldman Foundatoin
2005$20,000Na Laga'atInterpreters for blind and deaf people Arison Fund
2004$20,000Achuzat SaraStart Over projectRosencweig - Cooperschmidt Foundation
2004$20,000IsracastIsraeli HasbaraRosencweig - Cooperschmidt Foundation
2004$20,000YachadInstitute for Young Jewish Leadership TrainingEuropean Union
2004$20,000Na Laga'atProfessional theater and acting employment for blind and deaf people JDC - Joint Distribution Committee
2003$20,000Akiva Ulpan in NetanyaSparrow projectRosencweig - Cooperschmidt Foundation
2003$20,000Haredi CollegeAcademic training on Communication DisordersShoresh Foundation
2001$20,000Ma'avarimNavigating divorce processes in the Rabbinical courtWolfsohn Foundation
2000$20,000Tair Beit MidrashGeneral SupportYoreinu
2000$20,000Yerucham Hesder YeshivaBagrut assistance for Israeli immigrants from EthiopiaYad Avi Hayishuv
2000$20,000Tel Aviv Municipality, Department of Social Services and WelfareProgram for the improvement of employment standards of new immigrants in the area of Tel Aviv - JaffaArison Fund
2000$20,000Takkam, the United Kibbutz MovementFirst Home in the Homeland program; Big Brother - Big Sister for immigrants from EthiopiaGlencore Foundation
2016$18,000LomdaScholarships f professinonal training for HaredimPrivate Donors
2013$18,000KesherKesher Imahot - Mothers' TiesBoston Jewish Community Women's Fund
2010$18,000ITWORKSTechnological training for handicapped peopleShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2007$18,000Eyn Yael, Wildlife MuseumLearning from the Past and Building Bridges to TodayYad Hanadiv
2001$18,000Eyn Yael, Wildlife MuseumLearning from the Past and Building Bridges to TodayYad Hanadiv
2016$17,500AnonymousMeeting in One LandGimprich Foundation
2001$17,500Mateh Asher Regional CouncilTraveling Therapy Unit: Service for Children at RiskMatan Fund
2014$16,170Atid BamidbarGvanimHarry Kramer Memorial Fund
2010$16,000The Orthodox Scouts of JaffaDrama and English Camp for 3 ReligionsShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2009$15,500The Luba Salom Jerusalem Clinic for Children's Dentistrygeneral supportIndividual donations collected at a fundraising event in the home of a community member
2009$15,400Kibbutz LotanCenter for Creative EcologyRodef Shalom Israel Committee
2010$15,30012 HeshvanReligious AttachmentLevi Lassen Foundation
2018$15,000Gesher El HanoarAcademic Excellence for Youth at RiskKathryn Ames Foundatoin
2017$15,000PanimTaking action towards a more democratic and pluralistic cultureAlan B. Slifka Foundation
2015$15,000The Student Union in IsraelReload - support for living situations for students who promote social and educational initiativesFeldman Family Foundatoin
2013$15,000Maale Ephraim Hesder Yeshivageneral supportYoung Israel Of West Hempstead Combined Israel Appeal
2008$15,00012 HeshvanFinancial support for various projectsJacob and Hilda Balustein Foundatoin
2003$15,000Center for Educational TechnologyRespecting Those Who Are Different projectRosencweig - Cooperschmidt Foundation
2013$14,400Association of Israelis of Central European OriginAssistance for needy Kibbutz membersNaphtali Fritz Foundatoin
2008$14,400Psik Community TheaterCommunity theaterLevi Lassen Foundation
2009$13,900Friends of the Haifa Learning Enhancement Centergeneral supportParlor meetings and private donations
2007$13,500Rackman Center at Bar Ilan UniversityLegal aid projectBoston Jewish Community Women's Fund
2013$13,35012 HeshvanTag Meir: United Against RacismLevi Lassen Foundation
2018$13,308AnonymousGeneral supportJ.R. Black Charitable Trust 
2018$13,308AnonymousGeneral supportKirsch Family Foundation of London
2015$13,000Association of Israelis of Central European OriginMagen ChessedNaphtali Fritz Foundatoin
2014$12,500LatetLatet Atid - Giving a FutureShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2018$12,500Baka Community CenterGood Neighbors Project - coexistence of Arabs and Jews in the neighborhoods of Abu Tor and Al Thawri 
2013$12,50012 HeshvanTag Meir: United Against RacismMoriah Fund
2014$12,000Israel Association of Ethiopian JewryPrograms for the Ethiopian Jewish community in IsraelGimprich Foundation
2013$12,000Midreshet HaGolanTorah & Technology program for students of Ethiopian originShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2010$12,000Hut HameshulashBayit Cham - housing for girlsKathryn Ames Foundatoin
2007$11,800Rackman Center at Bar Ilan UniversityLegal aid projectNaphtali Fritz Foundatoin
2016$11,300Baka Community CenterGood Neighbors Project - coexistence of Arabs and Jews in the neighborhoods of Abu Tor and Al ThawriNIF - New Israel Fund
2017-2020$10,000Shalvat HaimProfessional Seminars ProgramKirsh Foundation
2016-17$10,000Baka Community CenterGood Neighbors Project - coexistence of Arabs and Jews in the neighborhoods of Abu Tor and Al ThawriShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2017$10,000Anonymousgeneral supportJCF of Greater Hartford
2015$10,000Friends of the Botanical GardenKehilat Hagan - a project which trains volunteers to work with home-bound Holocaust survivorsAnonymous
2015$10,000AminadavAcademic training for Ethiopian girls   Anonymous Israeli Foundatoin
2015$10,000Atid BamidbarPluralistic Jewish Identity project Levi Lassen Foundation
2014$10,000Chessed NeurimProfessional Computer TrainingAnonymous Foundatoin in New York
2014$10,000The General Federation of Working and Studying YouthShorashim - a multi-year program whose purpose is to establish Jewish-Ethiopian-Zionist identity among Ethiopian teen immigrantsJewish Federation of New Jersey
2014$10,000OrtInternship fundingShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2014$10,000The Orthodox Scouts of JaffaCoexistence OrchestraNew York Foundation
2014$10,000LomdaBiotechnology course for Haredi menShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2013$10,000Jerusalem Symphony Orchestrageneral supportAnonymous Foundatoin in New York
2013$10,000Ayanot Youth VilliagePractical culinary courseShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2010$10,000Pitchon LevLaga'at BaOfek project for youth at riskShirley & William Fleischer Foundation
2007$10,000Rackman Center at Bar Ilan UniversityMarriage contract projectJewish Women's Federation of New York
2007$10,000Rackman Center at Bar Ilan UniversityLegal aid projectJewish Women of Palm Beach Foundation





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