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Our office is located in HaAchim Israel Mall, Yad Harutzim 18, top floor. Go into the mall and take the escalators two floors up. Then take a right and a left and continue in the same direction as the escalators, down the hallway. We're the second door on the left.

Contact us

Office Address: Dekel 6 St., Be'er Sheva

Phone: 02-673-1663

Mobile:  054-487-2262

US phone: (+646) 558-6660

Fax: 08-676-6557

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 53425, Jerusalem 9153302

Contact Us

Do you work according to percentages?
No. In the world of fundraising, t is considered unethical to take percentages of grants donated to a specific cause. Therefore, our services are available for purchase for the prices detailed on the Prices page, irrespective of the results each service can provide.
How much money will I need to spend on your services?
The outcome you will receive from IsraelGrants's services is directly correlated to the amount you invest. We offer a variety of services, paid per hour or per month. Look at our list of services and prices to determine which service that we provide is right for you.
Raise money just inside Israel?
We raise money from funding prospects worldwide.